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Book Review
This page provides a review of a recently published carving book .

with Cleve Taylor

Dwight D. Moore


Accomplished carver and teacher Cleve Taylor takes to the hills, carving mountain men of years-gone-by. With very clear, concise instructions, illustrated with over 225 color photographs, Cleve guides wood carvers through every step and tool needed to make these popular figures from the past. Once the figure is carved, instructions are also provided to paint and antique the completed figure.

Patterns are included with the instructions to carve both the mountain man and his long rifle. The mountain man presented in this book will be a challenge to any carver, and a delight for the more advanced carver.

A note about Cleve Taylor...

A love of western culture drew Cleve Taylor to the west from his childhood home in southern Alabama. Now a well known carver and author, Cleve concentrates on detailed and humorous renditions of mountain men, cowboys, and other predominantly western figures. Cleve also teaches woodcarving workshops at his home and on the road. You might note that Cleve has two others books in print: "Cowboy Carving with Cleve Taylor" and "Hangin' In There: Creative Cowboy Carving."

-- Dwight D. Moore, Owner

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