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Book Review
This page provides a review of a recently published carving book .

E.J. Tangerman and Eric Zimmerman

H. Michael Denton


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About the Book ...

Whether you are interested in whittling a s simple belt buckle or carving a fift-foot heroic statue, whether you are a beginner or an accomplished professional, the Woodcarver's Library is the ideal reference work for your studio or home workshop.  This book incorporates into one handy volumne a wealth of carving lore formerly available in four separate books.

Each section of the Woodcarver's Library contains scores of black-and-white photographs showing projects and examples of the type of carving under discussion.  Hundreds of detailed, step-by-step scale drawings offer invaluable guidance for completing the different projects.  Each also offers advice on selecting the best type of wood for a particular carving; on choosing and using the appropriate tools; and on finishing techniques to add the final touch to each project.

About the authors ...

E. J. Tangerman and Eric Zimmerman were both acclaimed woodcarvers, world-renowned for their individual expertise in working with wood.  Between them they had more than one hundred years of knowledge and experience in whittling and woodcarving of every kind.  Mr. Tangerman was also the author of numerous other volumes on the same and related topics before his passing in 1997.

Availability of the Book ...

The Woodcarver's Library was orginally published in 1983.  It is still available from Barnes and Noble.  Allow two weeks for delivery.

About the Reviewer ...

H. Michael Denton: 
Mountain Star Studio and The Carving Bench 

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