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J. L.(Jim) Wilsford,
President SWCA

Dear past and present members SWCA:

The following people are the officers of SWCA for the next year:

President – Jim Wilsford
310 8th Ave.
Columbia ,TN.38401
Voice: 931.381.4512

First Vice President – Dick Chenoweth
5290 East Shore Dr.
Conyers, GA 30208
Voice: 770.483.0760 .

Second Vice President –Walter Baker
1 Red Haven Ct.
Greer, SC 29650
Voice: 864.879.4723

Secretary – Jim Wallace
190 Skyview Dr.
Griffin, GA 30223
Voice: 770.412.8241

Treasurer – Elliott Harris
3215 Bolero Pass
Atlanta, GA 30341

These officers serve as volunteers. At this time we are in the process of finding a person or persons who want to and are able to publish our news letter, which is a very hard and demanding job. Your help in this search would be greatly appreciated.

I would like take this opportunity to thank every one for all the hard work effort and money that has gone into SWCA thus far. I hope and pray that you will stay with us and continue to help us through these trying times. It is easy to jump off and let it go but its much more satisfying to stay on board and know you help to make a success.

Many of you know that SWCA has had a few problems this past year. First, our show was canceled (due to not having enough participants sign up by the allotted time), and other problems related to declining interest. The officers listed above, many of the state representatives, board members ,and members felt that SWCA served a very good purpose and they did not want to let it die. So with your help, guidance, and participation we are going to try to make SWCA do what it was organized for. That is to promote woodcarving and woodcarvers and to have a method to keep in touch with and to be aware of people and activities concerning woodcarving in our part of the country, and to enable us pass information along to others by way of our newsletter. This does not exclude participation of carvers from other parts of the country.

So with this background laid, I want to bring you up to date. 0n December 15th all of the new officers, the board of directors, state representatives had a meeting at Lloyd Cochran’s home in Villanow ,GA. Our purpose was figure out what had gone wrong in the past, what to do in the future, and how the SWCA could change and cause woodcarvers to want to become a part of SWCA. We spent several hours in this meeting.

Two things seem to be the primary concerns: the newsletter and the show. The newsletter was : 1) to continue to improve, and  2) to get the newsletter out on time, With regard to our annual show, it was decided that we would try to work with local clubs to co-sponsor shows rather than sponsor a SWCA show. This in an effort to increase prize money, advertisement, and participation.

We also discussed ways to improve our judges, judging rules, and ways to improve shows in general. We discussed ways to make them more interesting for both for the woodcarvers, their families, and our visitors.

Every one in attendance agreed that we needed was members and their participation. Some of the things we would like to see happen are:

  1. We would like to have each club that is represented, have someone send us a copy of their club newsletter. If the clubs do not have a newsletter, we would like them to send information about what they are doing in their area. We would like to know what we can do to help these clubs..

  2. If SWCA Is To Succeed We Must Communicate With Each Other

    We also would like to have local clubs’ names and contact information, even if they chose not to be members.

    We would like to have a representative named in every local group. This person would serve as a point of contact and information. This person could be contacted for information between newsletters.

    We would like to have your telephone number and, if you have one, your e-mail address. The computer is a great, inexpensive way, to communicate. We would like establish a club list and an e-mail list here in the southeast that would be available to members.

  3. We would like to have a back log of things to put in the newsletter. Everyone is welcome to send in items for publication. Here are a few ideas:

      -  show notices

       -  show results and winners pictures

      -  member recognition

      -  death of club members

      -  items for sale or swap (wood, tools ,books)

      -  how-to tips

      -  a good cartoon or joke

      -  classes or schools

      -  a zillion other things

  4. Suggestions, Advice ,Constructive Criticism – from any and all members. The officers need these things to better fill the needs of the membership. If we do it right, we like to know also.

Communication Communication Communication Communication Communication

Communication Is The Key To Success In Covering Such A Large Area.

During our meeting only one negative item came up concerning new members. That was a question many might ask, "What will I get for my money?". I like the answer I heard. SWCA Membership gives a carver the chance to share their skills with more people.


I would like for each of our members to consider this letter a personal thank you for hanging in there. I would like for each of you, who has dropped out of the SWCA, to consider this a personal invitation to rejoin us. You have much to offer and we need you. If you want to join us or rejoin us, you don't need and application. Just send your name , address, phone number, e-mail address, and a check for your dues to the secretary, whose address is at the beginning of this letter. Dues are $15.00 per year.


What A Great Time For A New Start!

Jim Wilsford
December 1998

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