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The Club Car
This page provides tidbits from the current club newsletter


Please remit your $15.00 dues as soon as possible.  For current members, an application blank is not required.   Make sure your name and address is on the check.  Mark it for "1999 SWCA Dues."  New members, print and complete a Membership Application.

Mail to:
Elliott Harris, Treasurer
3215 Bolero Pass
Atlanta, GA 30341


This will be the space where we report on what is going on in the various clubs in the southeast. This information comes from club newsletters sent to the SWCA.

Send a copy of your newsletters to:

Bob Williams
655 River Hwy.
Mooreeville, NC  2B117

From the North Alabama Woodcarvers Association, Dec., 1998 issue

The club conducted a membership and programming survey.

From the Tennessee Carves Guild, Jan-Feb, 1999 issue

The club is celebrating its first year anniversary. In January, the TCG conducted a swap-and-sell feature at their meeting.

From the Tannehill Woodcarvers, Jan., 1999 issue

The club is planning their show at Tuscaloosa University Mall on Oct 23-24. They enlarged their club's library. Classes are being planned for the coming year. Helen Gibson conducting a class on April 16-18.

From the Chattanooga Woodcarvers Feb., 1999 issue

This issue features upcoming events in four states, regional carving classes, and information on the club's web page. The club's monthly project was announced.


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