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By Bill Whtmire
Gainesville, GA


mouse1.jpg (8548 bytes)

Finished Side View

mouse2.jpg (8376 bytes)

Pattern Layout

mouse3.jpg (9709 bytes)

Top View of Cuts 4-6

mouse4.jpg (9014 bytes)

Side View of Cuts 1-3


  1. Band saw to stop-cut marks.  Stops will hold blank in one piece. Then make unit cuts 4-6.  The blank will then break apart.

  2. Make the eyes using a straight pin inserted through a black bead.

  3. A blank of this mouse was given to me by Bruce Young of Blairsville, GA in 1994.  I made the pattern from it.

top.gif (1126 bytes)

-- Bill Whitmire, 1997
   Reprinted from The Southeastern Woodcarver,  September 1997

10 July 2000