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By Barry McKenzie


  1. With whatever 3/8" basswood or pine you have available lay out centerlines to find the center of the wood.

  2. Use a compass or template to draw an inner and an outer circle about 3/16" apart. 

  3. The inner circle is the limit of the design, the outer circle is the rim of the ornament.

  4. Try to chip carve before cutting out the ornament. 

  5. Be sure the centers on both sides are in alignment.  Cut out the disk with a band saw. Round the disk by sanding with a disk sander.

  6. Insert screw eyelet, being careful to avoid hitting the design.

  7. Finish with Minwax or paint.

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-- Barry McKenzie School of Chip Carving and Tanglewood Craftworks
    26163 Pecos Drive,  Lebanon, MO 65536  (415.532.8434)

   Reprinted from The Southeastern Carver , December 1997  

10 July 2000