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The Southeast Wood Carvers Association (SWCA) now serves carvers, clubs, and organizations in ten states.  Covering such a large area presents the SWCA with some  communication problems.

In 1997 the SWCA first conceived the idea of a web site to assist with its mission.  In 1998 the SWCA entered a critical phase of its existence, stimulated by dwindling membership and interest.     Upon his election at the end of 1998, President Jim Wilsford authorized the development of a club web site to help improve communications.  In January 1999 wRITE-4u designed and developed the debut edition of the Southeast Carver OnlineTRIPOD provided the server space for this page.  

The next section provides site development updates.

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01/23/99    SWCA's front page goes online. - -
02/25/99    Back pages are added. 674 674
04/17/99    Updated:  Calendar & Links 136 1166
05/17/99    Quarterly Update
   Added:  Club Car   Page
07/10/00  Reduced to FrontPage with no support from the SWCA  4898 6200

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The Southeast Carver


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Provides a welcome to and overview of the site, plus the tip of the month.

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Provides information about the SWCA:  membership, staff, and members.

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Provides carving tips, techniques, and project ideas for carvers of all skill levels.

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Offers a feature article, book review, and access to our archive.

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Provides links to vendors, publications, clubs, schools, and carvers.

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Provides an events list for carvers and organizations in the southeast.

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Provides an overview of this site and its development.

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All pages contain the opinions of the SCWA -- not specific authoritative advice.
Mention of a particular vendor, site, or product does not constitute an endorsement by the SWCA.
TRIPOD provides the server price at no cost to the SWCA.  This entitles TRIPOD to place watermarks, ads, banners, and scripts on this page.  The SWCA has no control over the content of these additions.  The SWCA does not endorse or approve of the content of these additions.
As a starting point for exploration of sites on the Web, we provided links which offer current information and resources for woodcarvers. It does not attempt to be a concise nor a complete listing of all such information sources,
The links we provide in this site were correct at the time of publication.  We are not responsible for changes made by other sites.
We will endeavor to make corrections if you will report them.

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