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        This page provides carving tips and techniques.

What can you do when your interest in carving wanes?

Bob Williams, SWCA newsletter editor, suggests the following:

  1. Carve with a buddy.

    If you cannot manage a face-off, pick up the phone.   Talk about the project they are carving.  Attend your local club's meeting.   Organize a mid-week carve-around.

  2. Try carving something new or different

    We often get bored with carving the same types of project time-after-time.  Change from carving-in-the-round to relief carving.  Change from carving birds to caricatures.

  3. Start carving on one of those blanks in the box under your workbench.

    We all get started carving on a project and lay it down.   Dig into that block box.  Try to remember why you started on this project.

  4. Visit a woodcarving show!

    Viewing the projects of other carvers can get those juices flowing again.  Checkout a vendor's booth.  Would a new book provide inspiration?

Carving is supposed to be relaxing.   Adding variety to your carving can keep this hobby fresh.

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Reprinted from:
The Southeastern Carver, March 1999



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