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  Get Started Carving
  This page provides help to get started carving.

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There are several sites that have information for the new carver.  To save re-inventing the wheel, we have provided links to a selected few of these sites.  Once you locate them, bookmark them for future reference.

Before You Start...

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why did you become interested in woodcarving? 
  • Did you say to yourself, "I can do that!"?  
  • Did a particular style of carving grab your interest?
  • What do you want to carve... birds... caricatures... decoys? 
  • Do you want to sculpt large projects? 
  • Do you want to whittle small projects?

A wood whittler uses only a knife and handholds their carvings.  A wood carver (sculptor) uses a variety of carving tools.

You get the idea!  The answers to these questions will help you decide what tools and wood to buy.

Rules of thumb: 

Start with the simple and move to the complex!
Move from the known towards the unknown.

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Confused ? 

  • Get knife and a carving block.  Go to it!   Hold off buying a shop full of tools and a truck load of wood. 
  • Don't have clue what to carve?  Visit our Pattern Page for a few ideas.
  • Join the National Woodcarvers Association.
  • Buy a beginning level book from a supply house.
  • Protect those fingers!  Cuts can discourage the new carver.
  • Keep the carving tool sharp!  This increases the enjoyment and decreases the chance of cutting the hands.
  • Take a class !!

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Get Started !

Visit the following sites for more information:

Chipping Away with Dennis & Todd Moor is a remarkable site that focuses on "the advancement of decorative chip carving as an enjoyable, functional, impressive, and reasonably price hobby and art form." Located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, these guys have developed their own unique techniques for chip carving and offer classes, books, tools and much more!

Jean Lotz
offers a comprehensive site filled with tips and techniques for woodcarvers of all levels.

The Carving Bench is piled high with tips and advice for getting started, carving safety, and finishing carvings.

Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers Supply
presents several pages designed to get new carvers started on the right foot. Smoky Mountain offers general tips for new carvers.

Rules for New Carvers   presents Dwight Moore's rules and resources for new carvers.

Get Started  w
ith the New England Woodcarvers Association's beginner's page. This page features general tips for new carvers.

Advice to New Carvers answers the question,  "If you had one thing to pass along to your fellow woodcarvers, which you felt was the most important piece of advice you could give, what would it be?"

Take a class !!

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